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6 Ways you can Optimise your Remote Work Environment

6 Ways you can Optimise your Remote Work Environment

It is no secret that remote working gives us more freedom, more time to spend with our friends and family and greater work flexibility. However, flexibility comes with its own set of unwritten rules and maintaining self-discipline is vital to ensure we can thrive and adopt a healthy work-life balance.

Whilst habit and maintaining close contact with your work colleagues is a huge part of boosting your work experience – there are a few simple fixes that will put you in the best place to succeed both personally and professionally. 

Here at AmbientAir, creating the conditions to succeed are at the heart of our design process, so without further ado, here are 5 ways you can transform distraction into focus and sluggishness into productivity.

Make health a priority!

Humans have evolved tremendously from their pre-historic ancestors, far removed from those hunter-gatherer days spending all day on foot. 

Now we can get what we need at the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone and as effective as this seems, it is unnatural to be sat down all day, hunched over a desk, stuck in the same room.

Get yourself a back supporting office chair.

According to Nuffield Health, 1 in 6 adult Brits suffer from a form of chronic back-pain, so without a doubt, the problem can be found in our daily habits and work environment. 

Ergonomic and adjustable, it is paramount you look after your neck and back whilst eyeballing spreadsheets or analysing sales data all day. 

A comfortable chair can be found on Amazon within all price ranges, ready-made to suit your needs.

Clear and clean air should be a priority.

Working round-the-clock in your own home can be a nice perk of the WFH environment but did you know a build up of indoor micro-dust and infectious particles can have a negative impact on your health?

Air quality in a post-covid world is an essential which is why an air purification system that uses a HEPA grade filter will keep you and your air quality, breathable and harmful bacteria-free.

Our Air Purifier range combines the very best in modern design, into a premium quality air purifier, able to remove airborne viruses in any large room.

To breathe clean air is essential to mental clarity, allowing the body to effectively carry oxygen to the brain – with the AMB100 or our larger AMB200, you can achieve this with our budget friendly, eco-purifiers for home and office.

Maintain a peaceful environment, free from distractions

The average human attention span has dwindled to around 7 seconds in the last 50 years – that is the same as a goldfish. The emergence of smartphones and rapid consumption media has allowed this to happen but not all is lost!

You can reach your goals and get your focus back, allowing you to take back control of your life, but you must listen carefully because as it is easier said than done.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to transform your concentration.

Stay away from your mobile phone unless you really must!

Truth be told, our smartphones have paved the way for a wealth of knowledge and information sharing, unprecedented in human history.

However, it is a double-edged sword for many of us and prevents you from getting any meaningful work done at the best of times. 

The allure of a 15 second Tik Tok ropes you in with its finely tuned algorithms and suddenly 15 seconds turns into an hour.

How can you stop this?

Put your phone away! 

Lock it away if you must, give your brain a dopamine break and learn to do the hard things first – you will thank yourself later!

Maintain a balanced room temperature.

The impact of climate change has caused global temperatures to rise every year since 1900. This is being felt across the globe and will inevitably affect the way we work, play, and socialise as humans.

Your work environment must be able to deal with these temperature fluctuations, not just rising heat but also more unpredictable winters.

Let’s face it, to stay focused, you can’t be working in a freezing cold room nor a sweltering hot office. It is just not feasible, but we have got you covered at AmbientAir with our energy saving panel heaters.

Either wall mounted or free standing, avoid those nasty 2022 energy prices with our cost-effective heating range, suitable for all budgets.

If your concern is keeping cool throughout summer – we have made sure our range of air purifiers and air conditioning unitswill provide you with that extra boost, making sure you can stay focused and get your work done when you need it most.

A cluttered workspace is the sign of a cluttered mind

Life can get busy and working from home can blur those lines between work and play. Make sure your home, office or workspace is free from clutter is essential to maintaining that crucial separation. 

Make it a priority to regularly clear your workspace and remove anything that might pique your interest.

Easy enough as it sounds, there is more you can do to give your productivity a mega-boost, let me tell you below.

Keep noise levels at a minimum or find a good set of headphones.

Clearing your room is easy enough but that doesn’t help the fact that life happens. Most of us do not have the luxury to completely isolate – with neighbours mowing the lawn to dogs barking the house down, it is not always easy to disconnect.

In this economy, personal space is a luxury and here at AmbientAir, we understand how important it is to keep luxury quality, budget friendly.

Find you flow by grabbing a good set of noise cancelling headphones and soothing playlist to keep your mind energised and work ready.

Don’t take it too seriously, take regular breaks and clear your mind!

From yoga to taking a brisk walk, it is crucial you detach from everyday stresses to keep your mind razor sharp and your creativity flowing. Work is important but maintaining that long-term mindset is pivotal for both personal and professional success.

According to Mental Health UK, 20% of adults have found themselves unable to deal with work related pressures and here at AmbientAir, we make wellness a priority, for our staff, customers and every minute detail that goes into our products.

To find out more about how you supercharge your remote work experience, check out our range of health boosting and budget friendly air quality solutions for home and office.


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