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The weather is getting hotter again and so are we!

The weather is getting hotter again and so are we!

Summer is just around the corner and without doubt that is a welcome relief for many of us worried about energy prices! However, the better weather brings a new set of issues – nothing to complain about here but it is essential you keep yourself cool this summer.

The hot weather can be uncomfortable and difficult for those of us at work! Hot offices or better yet, hot home offices are not the ideal environment to work in. In this economy not everybody can just turn on their air conditioning but even if you could, you may be looking to save on your electricity bills or have worries about the environmental cost. 

Here are a few ways to stay cool, some free and other with a price tag - straight from the team at Ambient.

1. Have a cold shower!

Cold showers are a classic cool-down strategy in this sweltering weather. Filling your bath with colder water brings down your body temperature and even has some useful scientific benefits – ever heard of norepinephrine? Well…we don’t know how to pronounce it either, but cold water can have enormous benefits on your physical and mental wellbeing.

The body, with cold showers or baths will release certain chemicals into the brain, fighting your stress levels. This is a crucial health hack you can use to reduce stress and anxiety, all whilst battling the British heatwave.

Start by getting your hair wet, even if you don’t have the time for a full dip, getting your head nice and cool will wake you up from that summer slumber, ready to tackle the day. Then, fill up the bath with cool, refreshing water and hop in. Don’t be afraid to take your time—you could even make an afternoon out of it, perhaps bring a drink or a book! Just chill out until you cool down.

2. Drink lots and lots of fluid!

The most effective way to fix and enhance your body temperature is to fill your body with cold foods and fluids. It’s way more effective than trying to cool yourself from the outside in.

Fill a few glasses or bottles with water, pop them in the fridge and reap the benefits later with an ice-cold beverage. You could also fill freezer-safe bottles, then freeze them for all-day ice-cold water.

If the taste of water is a bit boring for you, there are plenty of ways to trick yourself into drinking more, that could be infusing it with cold brew tea or simply mixing it with cordial juice.

Don’t fuss over the amount of drink you need in a day, just have what you need when you’re thirsty- which is a lot in this cold weather! – but overall, just have enough to ward off the nasty effects of dehydration.

3. Keep the sunlight out and the temperature regulated

Another simple but often overlooked heat reducing tactic is to keep the blinds shut in the sun. Make sure to keep the sun out and give the hot air somewhere to go, because it is no use when you are roasting inside.

Consider heat deflecting blinds to keep direct sunlight from turning your apartment or family home into a massive greenhouse. Once the temperatures have peaked and it starts to get a little cooler outside, usually around dusk, open those curtains and windows.

Allow the cool air to make its way back into your house and voila! Everybody’s happy. Just make sure to close everything back up before it gets hot again the next morning, it’s a race against the clock but it will be well worth it!

4. Make sure you are sleeping right in summer

If you do have a little money to spend, a pillow or sheet set that’s designed to keep you cool can be a huge help when it’s hot outside (and inside). You could go and grab yourself a cooling gel pillows, these are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and will allow you to sleep with less irritation and less worry about the heat.

When it comes to bedsheets, it is equally as important to pick something that will keep you cool during our increasingly hot summers. Tencel sheets are the best on the market now but if this isn’t something available to you, look for a thread count between 200 and 400 for a more lightweight and cooling sleep.

Simple changes can yield massive results and that is what we strive for in our home enhancing product range.

5. Electricity + Lighting = Heat

Incandescent light bulbs give off significantly more heat than your standard LED lightbulbs so if you can, make the switch to the more economical choice. Keep your eye out for energy-efficient bulbs in the shops, they are just about everywhere, from local homeware store to the local builders’ merchants.

Switching light bulbs can save money in the long run but it is unlikely to significantly reduce heat around the home but just a little change can contribute to the overall heat situation in your house. You will recognise it more when sitting closer to a bulb. It may be scorching outside but being environmentally efficient is never a bad thing.

AmbientAir recommends you ask your local shop or electrician for advice when installing these kinds of things.

6. Stick to Air Conditioning

This is our speciality and we have engineered a unique piece of tech that can be installed in your home or office – however you see fit. The AmbientAir 12,000 BTU is our flagship air conditioning unit, tailor-made for indoor climate control. Not your average AC and certainly built to battle the heat.

We understand that energy costs are rising but we also understand the environmental impact of rising temperatures around the world. Our AC unit brings both of those into focus -with a 4 in 1 capability, ranging from heating and cooling to a standard room fan.

Let us not forget the dehumidifying quality that works ultra-effectively in the heat we are currently experiencing in the UK.

(Extra Summer Tip)

Maybe we are swerving slightly off topic but with the rising temperatures comes an increased level of pollen in the air, causing hay fever and host of allergen related issues.

That need not cause alarm, summer is there to be enjoyed and with the many effective remedies out there in your local pharmacy, you will be absolutely tip top but be sure to grab the AMB100 Mini purifier for that extra layer of protection against pollen.

Further to this, there are times where we desperately need clean and purified air – and that is especially difficult for us living in cities, where air quality is getting increasingly bad thanks to rising emissions. This pollution will follow us to the workplace as well if we don’t act but luckily our AMB200 large purifier can fix that for you.

Be it home or office – this practical and robust air purifier can boost the air quality in rooms up to 30 metres squared. So, you can rest assured that wherever you are this summer, the good times (and good air) will flow.


We hope you took some value from this because we certainly needed reminding. It is easy to forget simple fixes like this when it comes to heatwaves – instead, many of us end up languishing in the humidity when instead you could find a way to prevent life from grinding to a halt.

Summer is all about family, friends, and spending time in the great outdoors, but must you be housebound for the day, whether working or cooking the dinner, AmbientAir have the solution for you.

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