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What is Panel Heating?

What is Panel Heating?

As the UK's top distributor of panel heaters, one question we are often asked at Ambient Air is, what is panel heating?

A panel heater is a type of electric heater than can be mounted onto a wall or left free standing using a stand.

Like any ordinary heating system in a home, panel heaters have several controls which can allow them to be turned on at any specific time or set to bring a room to a temperature of your choice.

What are panel heaters?

Panel heaters, also known as convector heaters, create heat using electricity and convection. Hot metal elements inside the heater body warm the air as it circulates around the room.

Panel heaters provide a fast and effective way to heat a room using convection heat. Because the elements inside the panel heater which heat the air are unenclosed, the heaters are cheaper and easier to manufacture than our electric radiators.

Why you should use a panel heater

When thinking about whether you should purchase a panel heater or not you need to think about it's benefits and why you should use a panel heater.

They provide instant heat

Panel heaters are known for their ability to create instant heat whenever you need it. This means that you can quickly heat a room to ensure maximum comfort as quickly as possible.

They're easy to install

The best thing about panel heaters is how easy they are to install due to the fact that they run on electricity. Simply mount your panel heater to the wall or use a free standing panel heater and you can plug in and go.

They are low maintenance

As long as your buying a high quality panel heater then it's likely going to be low maintenance and last a long time. 

Panel heaters produce zero carbon emissions

Something that we're all becoming increasingly aware of is our impact on the environment, and you'll be happy to know that panel heaters produce zero carbon emissions. 

They are energy efficient

Panel heaters are energy efficient due to their ability to heat large areas in a very short period of time.They are a great way to reduce your energy usage and your carbon footprint.

Frequently asked questions

Should I fit my panel heater to the wall or keep it free standing?

Electric panel heaters can be mounted to a wall of a fitted free standing stand. It's important to check that the panel heater is capable of doing both, as not all are.

Wall mounted panel heaters are easy to install. If they come fitted with a plug, all you need to do is screw them to the wall and plug them into the nearest socket. Wall mounting is the best choice if you prefer a discreet fitting.  You should only wall mount your heaters if you’re sure you won’t want to use them in other locations.

Free standing fitting is the best choice if you want to be able to move your heater. If you’re planning to use your panel heater to supplement your winter heating, you will only need it for part of the year. This makes free standing fitting a good choice because you can pack the heater away when the weather gets warm.

Are panel heaters safe?

Panel heaters are safe, but when purchasing your panel heater ensure it comes with the following:

  • Thermal Cut Off: All panel heaters should be fitted with some form of thermal safety cut off which will cut power to the heater if the temperature exceeds the safety limit. This prevents your panel heaters overheating in the event of a malfunction.
  • Warranty: Never purchase an electric panel heater without a warranty. A warranty represents the manufacturer’s promise to fix or replace your heater if it malfunctions within a set period after purchase.

Are panel heaters controllable?

 Most panel heaters are controllable and they come with thermostats, timers,  programmers and a remote control.

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