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Adax Neo Electric Radiator Digital Wall Mounted Panel Heater

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The Adax Neo Electric Panel Heater (Wall Mounted, Convector Radiator). The Neo is our most popular electric space heater.

With accolades and awards for both its excellence in design as well as its use of highest quality components the Neo delivers exceptional room heating and fits perfectly with the modern interior. The understated, beautifully finished panel houses a small but legible LCD display complete with temperature display LED indicators Ideal for home or office use.

Simple controls including digital thermostat operating between 5 - 35°C. When used effectively you can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

All ADAX convection heaters are built to the highest safety standards and safeguarded against overheating. With no moving or mechanical parts you get no smells and no sounds; as a result, ADAX convection heaters are recommended for even those with respiratory complaints, such as asthma. ADAX are renowned for their quality, efficient heating elements made from a special aluminium alloy with outstanding conductivity providing low weight, good heat distribution and quick, uniform warming. The result is rapid, environmentally friendly convection heating.

Please note that this product can only be mounted horizontally, as shown in the pictures.

Power Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Room Size Heated(m2)
1000 370 x 762 x 84 12.5
1400 370 x 1049 x 84 17.5
2000 370 x 1394 x 84 25
  •  Stylish Digital Flat Panel Heater

The ADAX Neo's Modern, minimalist and slimline design looks great in any interior. The discrete, slimline design keeps the heater flat to the wall. Meaning that its unobtrusive and blends nicely with your interior.   

  • Easy Install

To make the heater easy to install as possible, its comes with a simple wall bracket system and 3 pin plug attached.

  • Digital Thermostat 

New electric thermostat precisely monitors the room temperature. What this means is the heater will keep the room exact at the temperature you set. Adding more heat at the slightest drop in temperature and cutting out as soon as the room warms up again.  

  • 24/7 Programmable Timer

The NEO comes with a built in 24/7 timer so that the user can program the heater to their individual needs.

  • Open Window Detection

When the heater is on and a window in the room is opened, the heater will automatically realise the rapid drop in temperature and cut itself off to prevent wasting energy.

  •  Adaptive Heating Start

The Adaptive start "intelligently" learns the optimum time to begin heating. Measuring how long is needed to warm up the room. Then using that information to work out when best to begin heating, so that the room reaches the desired temperature at the set time. 

  •  EcoDesign Compliant

The NEO is energy efficient and exceeds the economical design features that the Lot 20 regulations have put into place.

  •  Warranty

The ADAX NEO is covered by a 5 year warranty.