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SALE NOW ON - 12,000 BTU 4-In-1 Air Conditioning Unit NOW £369
SALE NOW ON - 12,000 BTU 4-In-1 Air Conditioning Unit NOW £369

Daikin MC55VB Plasma Ioniser Low Noise 6 Level Air Cleaner Purifier 330M3/h 240V~50Hz

by Daikin

According to Allergy UK, people today spend on average 90% of their time indoors. So good indoor air quality is crucial for our health.

Pure indoor air is especially important for vulnerable groups – such as the very young and old, as well as people living with respiratory diseases and allergies. Yet our homes are often poorly ventilated and can be highly polluted, with some pollutant levels being up to 10 times higher than outside.
Daikin’s Air Purifier is designed to deal with harmful particles, as well as dust, odours, bacteria, pet hairs, moulds, pollen and mites and other allergens, leaving the indoor air clean and healthy.

Suitable for rooms up to 41m2 the powerful fan action reaches every corner of the room in turbo mode with an air flow of up to 331m3/hr yet in Quiet Mode the ultra-quiet fan operation is as low as 19db(A) ensuring for a peaceful night.

Whisper quiet

The four different fan settings (quiet, low, standard and turbo) mean the air purifier can be used in offices, hallways, living and bedrooms.

Pure air thanks to air purification technologies

The Streamer technology releases ions into the air by plasma discharge and combines them with components in the air to generate active components such as OH radicals with strong oxidising power. They attach to the surface of fungi and allergens and decompose proteins in the air by oxidation. On the inside, the Streamer decomposes hazardous elements.

High performance HEPA filter catches fine particles of dust

The filter collects dust effectively with electrostatic forces (< 99% of 0.3μm). It is not prone to clogging, unlike non-electrostatic HEPA filters which collect particles only via the fineness of the mesh, Therefore, a larger amount of air can pass through the filter and be cleaned accordingly.

This unit is low maintenance, Dirty filters, grilles and sensors can be cleaned easily by either vacuuming or using a damp cloth. Dust filters may only need to be replaced every 10 years dependent on usage and location.
Daikin products are renowned for their reliability and you can rely on our service at Pure Air to match.

  • Pure air thanks to active plasma ion discharge and flash streamer technology
  • High performacne HEPA filter to catch fine particles of dust
  • Powerful suction and whisper quiet
  • New stylish and compact design


Applicable Room Area


Deodorising Method

Flash streamer + Deodorising catalyst

Sounds Levels (dBA)

19 / 29 / 39 / 53 (Silent / Low / Medium / Turbo)

Dust Collecting Method

Electrostatic HEPA filter


500mm x 270mm x 270mm






Wireless remote controller


Child Lock, Timer, Pollen Mode, Turbo Mode, Auto Mode


12 Months