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SALE NOW ON - 12,000 BTU 4-In-1 Air Conditioning Unit NOW £369
SALE NOW ON - 12,000 BTU 4-In-1 Air Conditioning Unit NOW £369

Sunhouse SDF2E Eco Design Downflow Heater Lot 20


SDF2E is a wall-mounted fan heater designed to forcibly blow the heated air down into the heating space to effectively circu- late and rapidly heat the area for a 30 minute period. Both mod- els feature pull cord activation with auto switch off (after 30 minutes) or deactivation by pull cord if required sooner.


Key Features:-

  •   Adjustable output at time of installation (1kW or 2kW)

  •   Factory-set 30 minute runback to ease of use and

    energy savings

  •   Pull cord operation

  •   Complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive


Technical Details


Factory-set 30 minute activation, activated and deactivated by pull cord


Double insulated plastic case. Moulded in flame retardant self extinguishing grade ny- lon.


2kW stitched type with thermal fuse protec- tion


Two upper keyhole slots are provided togeth- er with a third fixing hole to secure the heater to the wall. Supplied without cable.


Each product is fitted with an electrical reset cut-out, a non-resettable thermal fuse and now feature a resettable over heat detection electronic temperature limiter.

Battery Backup

None. Time and date must be re- programmed in event of power loss to the product


3 core for fused spur installation, 1/N/PE ~230-240 V, 50Hz
Class I, with earth wire

Colour / Finish

White plastic case